Monday, August 27, 2012


So, did you hear we are having a boy?  That will make three boys.  I'm pretty sure my brother, who has three girls, is green with envy.  haha.  We're thinking of Giovani, Grayson, Cooper, or just plain Kid.  Which do you like?

Yesterday I turned 30.  I marked the occasion by buying myself a pretty new shelf for our living room wall.  I know.  Wild.  Other than that it was dinner with the fam on Sunday, and a hot date with my hubby on Friday.  Pretty exciting.

Holland is back in diapers which means no preschool for her.  I know you were dying to know this but it really is the bane of my existence right now.  You think you have it tough?!!?!?

I had an awesome weekend, though:

*I turned 30.  That doesn't happen every day.

*We finished the boy's closet downstairs--complete with their own matching shelves and clothes rod--which will make for more peaceful mornings come school time.

*We found out that Brooklyn doesn't have the mean teacher for third grade and Roman will be in the same class as his best friend

*We also discovered the incredibly grotesque stench coming from our food storage room was not, in fact, rotting mice like we were led to believe, but instead, rotting potatoes that were oozing onto the floor.  I'll bet you're wondering, "Why did you not see these slimy, fly-infested potatoes earlier?"  Well, I have asked this question to myself, my friend, many times since the smell has been lurking in that in that room for a few weeks now.  But, it's all cleaned up and I'm never buying potatoes again!!  Well, at least I'm not storing then down there.  

The horror of it!  But, overall, we got so much accomplished I can breathe a little easier.