Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Livin' on the Edge

This is what we Davis' like to do on a good weeknight:

Note: The following video may not be appropriate for young children or people with heart conditions due to intense scenes and some strong language.

See what happens when you don't have t.v. for entertainment...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Slice of Insanity, Anyone?

So what do

12 4-year olds,
4 babies,
lots of balloons
and a castle birthday cake have in common?

If anyone said a democratic campaign party, well...almost.

Brooklyn celebrated her 5th birthday this year as Cinderella--along with the aforementioned 12 young ladies.

It was hit, as evidenced by the many bags of garbage we took out filled with wrapping paper, construction paper crowns and paper plates with leftover cake and ice cream on them.

As for Roman and Greggory, I don't think they minded being in a house full of girls being so "mice" an' all. hahahah

Roman and Greggory as Jaq and Gus; Annie as Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother makes her appearance granting all the working cinderellas (in rags) crowns to decorate and dresses to put on the for the royal ball.

Castle cake. Basically diabetes on a cookie sheet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby's Burden

So lately Greggory has decided to assign himself the the duty of "mess-making machine". It is a burden he takes very seriously.

I mean overnight he changed from sweet little baby to baby on a mission. He wakes up and thinks, "Got to see what's behind the cupboard, got to see what's behind the cupboard!" although he should already know what's behind the cupboard because he empties it every single day!!

He always starts with station number one, the cupboard in the kitchen, checks it to see if the canola oil is still there, and sure enough it is. When he's satisfied with that, he moves on to two particular drawers, station number two, next to the canola oil cupboard (by the way, the only reason I keep the canola oil in that cupboard is because that's the only place in the kitchen it will fit. I keep a very tight lid on it for obvious reasons.) When he has emptied out these drawers, one measuring cup at a time, always, by the way, throwing them on the floor to see exactly how high they will bounce this time compared with, say, yesterday's bounce, he will then move on to station number three: houseplant center.

He dumps pudgy littly fistfuls of dirt onto the wood floor, stuffs a fews wads into his mouth and about this time I either catch him in the act or he will hear movement near the bathroom, hence station number four.

He will drop everything he's doing, leaving a dirt trail in his wake while crawling at baby warp speed towards his favorite place in the house: the toilet. Now he can only enter this room that hold this magical "toy" when the door is open and that is why he is always listening for opportunities to enter his domain. He will splash in the toilet always hoping to find some treasure in there, I'm sure, until I catch up to him. The only way he can become convinced to leave the bathroom is if I pry him out. At this point the cycle starts again and he is off to the kitchen...

Where did my snuggly, cuddly little baby boy go with the cute dimples and long eyelashes and teeth that jut out when he's pouting? Okay, maybe he's still there, only certain brain cells have now formed and they probably won't operate normally again until after he is a teenager.

Good thing he's so cute.

The Family Blog

I've decided to create a new blog to keep my family and gardens seperate. They are both important to me and they each deserve independent attention. So this blog will primarily be about my day to day blah with a mixture of exciting kid and husband stuff thrown in while my other blog will be mostly posts of cool bug pics and updates on my garden.

It's best this way. Aaah. I feel so much better now. It's really been bugging me, actually.