Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You Goal-Girl!

I am a goal-oriented person. I like goals. I like being able to check them off my goal list. I also like making new goals for the new year and because I like this so much that this year I started early and made my New Year's Resolutions in October.

Here's just a few:

1. Hike Mt. Borah (has anyone done this? and would you please share any experiences?)

Okay, that's all I've come up with, but I'm super excited about this one!

finely uzin my kollege echukashun

I always knew that a college education was important. The reason you go to college is to receive an education so that you can get a great job. But that's not why I went to college. I earned a degree in Horticulture, because I knew I wanted a sweet garden.

But I never knew just how much I would use the things I learned in college until I was a mother.

I was enlightened by this idea while I was playing "raptors and plant-eaters" with Brooklyn and Roman. It was then that I realized that I learned my raptor skills from a dear college roommate who had the best raptor impression I have ever seen a human being do. I laughed like crazy back then and I am still laughing now when I hunt down my two year old who keeps egging me on.

Also, when I am cleaning, I can't help but wiping down all of the baseboards and door frames just in case I get a "white glove" clean check that day.

I mean, sure, there are other things that you learn in college that are useful in the after life, such as eating on a budget and juggling a busy schedule--and actually those english classes are finally showing their worth as now I can write a decent blog entry.

But I just have to say, as I am about to tear into my two year old, that I am grateful that my college experience was more than just books.

And I am also grateful that I can use my college education in more than just earning a salary.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Pictures

We just had our family pictures taken professionally for the first time and boy was that a job!
I didn't realize how much effort and energy it takes to make a family of five still still for only five seconds at a time!

Luckily we had a good photographer who turned our mayhem into magical memories. Here's Leah's website for those interested.

Here are just a few pictures that were taken:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Book of the Year

I am just finishing this book and it is definitely a must-read. It's about Carolyn Jessop who escaped from the FLDS. Especially in this season of thanks, this book will make you grateful for everything you have: your family, your country, your religion and your freedom to choose for yourself what your beliefs are.

I am interested to know who else has read this book. Please share any comments that you have about it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Little Hallo-Weenies

Halloween proved to be very fruitful (minus the fruit) as the kids dressed and got candy four times over the holiday.

Brooklyn was, of course, a pretty princess (three years running). I didn't mind so much because I didn't need to get a costume for her. She just wore what she wears everyday. To her, Halloween was a good excuse to wear her daily attire out in public.

Roman was a bat, though I think he was in denial because if you asked him what he was he would always state, "a dinosaur". I think it was wishful thinking.

Greggory borrowed his sister's dance leotard and red tights and turned it into a super hero costume complete with cape and mask. He was a very cute super hero.
The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. I learned that if you want a really frightening jack-o-lantern, then let the kids draw the faces. Boy, were they scary.
Stare down between boy and pumpkin: