Saturday, February 25, 2012

mmm. ham.

I was at institute the other night.
Institute is a class for adults where you can study the scriptures. It’s also a place for learning and reflecting and spiritual growth. I was doing all of those things and very much enjoying it, too.

Then I get this text from Weston who was at home watching the kids:

(Just disregard the first part...)

Have I mentioned I am a proud parent of two boys?

Friday, February 24, 2012


This morning at family scripture study, two year old Holland taught us that a way we learn that the Book of Mormon is true is through the Holy Toast.

Maybe having scripture study during breakfast isn’t such a great idea.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

enlightened child

My youngest is just about 2 1/2. That means, culturally speaking, that she needs to be potty-trained any day now.

I am in agreement 100%.

But she is my youngest, meaning that I’m pretty used to changing diapers by now. In fact, I would even argue that diapers are easier than a potty-trained child. (Have you ever had a full cart of groceries in the check out line when your child starts panicking that she or he has to go now!!)?

Even so I realize that she cannot go to preschool still wearing diapers and that countdown is putting pressure on me to get her trained. But I’m not worried, because, again, she is my youngest and the other three are fairly potty-trained--using that term loosely of course--and I’m confident in my abilities.

So I start with the classic: bribery. In my sweetest voice.

“Holland? If you go potty in the toilet, I’ll give you a (wait for it--) a potty treat!” Pause and hold excited face for seven seconds. Wait for positive and enthusiastic response from child. Optional confetti falling down. Optional hug for Mommy for being so generous. (See? I know how to do this. I’ve done it three other times after all.) Piece of cake.

She looks at me stupidly, wrinkles her nose and pouts a disgusted, “eeww!” my way and leaves.

Hmm. Probably have to re-think that whole “potty treat” idea.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

so I’ve heard

Ah, the serene life of a mormon mommy blogger. Happily typing away on her clean, no fingerprints here! keyboard about the wondrous life of raising a family. Putting into words the hilarious moments of being a mother accompanied with timeless wisdom for others to read.

And what happens when a kid/s comes in bored or hungry or angry or crying wanting this perfect mother’s attention?

“Be quiet for just one minute! Can’t you see I’m busy! Just give me a break here!! For crying out loud!!”

This is not autobiographical in any way.

hello, again.

I have officially ended my seven month hiatus.
A hiatus, you ask? Doing what? Two words: Home. Schooling. I am not doing this anymore. (More on this later. I am still recovering.)
I can now blog again. And clean the house. And read my scriptures. And water the plants. And take a walk if I want to. And shower. And several other things that were not so feasible when telling the children to write their vocabulary words ten times. Or concentrating on not only teaching my 2nd grader her addition facts (math? bleh!) but not pulling my hair out at the same time.

It’s so nice to see them get on the bus.

But it’s also nice to see them come home. I’m refreshed and welcoming with a warm smile and a hug.