Monday, October 20, 2008

Slice of Insanity, Anyone?

So what do

12 4-year olds,
4 babies,
lots of balloons
and a castle birthday cake have in common?

If anyone said a democratic campaign party, well...almost.

Brooklyn celebrated her 5th birthday this year as Cinderella--along with the aforementioned 12 young ladies.

It was hit, as evidenced by the many bags of garbage we took out filled with wrapping paper, construction paper crowns and paper plates with leftover cake and ice cream on them.

As for Roman and Greggory, I don't think they minded being in a house full of girls being so "mice" an' all. hahahah

Roman and Greggory as Jaq and Gus; Annie as Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother makes her appearance granting all the working cinderellas (in rags) crowns to decorate and dresses to put on the for the royal ball.

Castle cake. Basically diabetes on a cookie sheet.


Auntie M said...

I love the "diabetes on a cookie sheet"

You are crazy to sign up for that many little girls. RUN WITH SCISSORS!!!!!

Brooke said...

So fun! Aren't birthday parties the best! Big headaches, but those smiles are SOOOOO worth it. Enjoy the 'diabetes on a cookie sheet." Did you make it yourself? Very nice!

I like Westy said...

I made it. (Thanks,
I didn't eat it.

Bulbo Loamsdown said...

mmm diabetic...

Cindy Mantei said...

brigette!! i'm glad you found me. i've been looking for you online, but didn't remember your last name. it's good to "see" you again too. blogs are definitely a great way to keep in touch. i check everyone's ALL the time.

Amanda Bland said...

SOOO CUTE! Hey, how am I supposed to follow your blog if you don't enable followers? Well, I'm sorry we missed it..even if we weren't invited ...HAHA, jk- or is that why we missed it? I've been wondering if I should have a family birthday party for Anna's 3rd, or do the whole "friend" thing. If we do the whole "friend" thing then I'm gonna have to start making some friends in a weeks time. bummer.

The Olson Family said...

Hey Brigette! Good to see you on here. Sounds like you have your hands full. That cake is amazing!

Heidi said...

Holy cow! I can't believe your baby is that old, I swear we just saw you guys at the temple like a month ago & you were just pregnant! I'm excited you have a blog. Looks like things are going well for you.