Wednesday, November 19, 2008

finely uzin my kollege echukashun

I always knew that a college education was important. The reason you go to college is to receive an education so that you can get a great job. But that's not why I went to college. I earned a degree in Horticulture, because I knew I wanted a sweet garden.

But I never knew just how much I would use the things I learned in college until I was a mother.

I was enlightened by this idea while I was playing "raptors and plant-eaters" with Brooklyn and Roman. It was then that I realized that I learned my raptor skills from a dear college roommate who had the best raptor impression I have ever seen a human being do. I laughed like crazy back then and I am still laughing now when I hunt down my two year old who keeps egging me on.

Also, when I am cleaning, I can't help but wiping down all of the baseboards and door frames just in case I get a "white glove" clean check that day.

I mean, sure, there are other things that you learn in college that are useful in the after life, such as eating on a budget and juggling a busy schedule--and actually those english classes are finally showing their worth as now I can write a decent blog entry.

But I just have to say, as I am about to tear into my two year old, that I am grateful that my college experience was more than just books.

And I am also grateful that I can use my college education in more than just earning a salary.


The Lindsey's said...

Great post =). I have a picture of that "raptor" in action. I went through all my pics recently and I too laugh when I see that one =). I should send you a copy some time... Good times.

I like Westy said...


The Lindsey's said...

Brige, what's your email? I'm going to try finding it tonight and I'll send it to you =)

Kristine said...

hey, do you remember me from Danbury Manor? I was Krissy's roommate - it is so good to see your blog your family is so cute!