Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is It Almost Spring, Yet?

Yesterday, there was a family party scheduled at my Grandparent's house in Blackfoot. The plan was for me to take the kiddies in the early afternoon and then Weston would meet us there after work. Before we headed out, I shoveled off all of our walks and driveway and as soon as I finished it started snowing a bit. I shrugged it off knowing you can't prevent more snowfall and the kids and I trudged down to Blackfoot (white-knuckled all the way, I might add. The roads were difficult at best).
After the party, and after Weston finally made it, I decided that because the roads were so bad, we would leave one car in Blackfoot (along with Brooklyn and Roman with Grandma and Grandpa) and I would drive back with Weston. Well, the driving conditions on the freeway were the worst I've seen in a long time. The wind was blowing which made visibility almost non-existant, not to mention the snow and ice already on the road. We passed 6 or 7 slide-offs along the way so you can imagine how grateful we were to finally make it to Rigby.
As we approached our subdivision we wondered if we would even make it inside with all the snow drifts we were seeing. To our extreme luck we were able to squeeze by the many drifts that were fingering the road and it seemed like we had actually made it home!
Well, we turned into our culdesac and immediately stopped in front of our driveway for the huge snowdrift that spanned our driveway. It was as if a huge tree had fallen directly across the way blocking any access into our driveway, except this was snow. I could not believe it because the driveway had been cleaned only hours earlier. The drift had been created from all the wind from that day. So, Weston and I got out and started shoveling. It took us an hour before we could even pull into the garage. In short, we finally made it home from Blackfoot after 2/12 hours!
One piece of good fortune for Weston: he has been trying to persuade me of the neccessity of us getting a snowblower for quite some time. Well, when I saw that huge snowdrift on our driveway, I gladly conceded.
It 's a little difficult to see, but that huge pile of snow is only a small remainder of the drift that was there last night.

You can kind of see where we shoveled through the drift to pull through.


Brooke said...

I'm sorry! I love the snow, but it feels like we have been dumped on. Our subdivision got plowed for the first time last night (it was like an early Christmas prsesent from the city :-). Sean has had to pull out at least four cars a night for the last week from various drifts in our subdivision. It is nuts! Snowblowers are the best. We just got one last week and Sean is loving it, though he is ready to move up to a 4-wheeler with a plow on it already (boys and their toys!). Have a great Christmas and enjoy the snow!

Cindy Mantei said...

one of the best things about christmas is that it means we're a month closer to spring! (gotta find the light in the tunnel wherever you can :) i'm with you all the way in wishing it was gone already.