Monday, May 4, 2009

goodbye, rose and goat!

We have quickly learned that we are not cat people. There are many reasons for this conclusion, including:

-digging in my flower pots to do their "business",
-leaving cat prints all over Weston's freshly washed car,
-the smell of the litter box,
-having to guard the door every time you want to go outside because they run inside and then
you have to chase them because they automatically run to the basement and hide,
-seeing them climb up our new screen doors and windows with their stinkin' claws and then
thinking very bad thoughts,
-changing the litter box,

and finally,
-we just don't like cats.

We found them for free (now I know why) and we got them because I was very naive and because I love my daughter. What did it take to appease her after telling her that we had to get rid of her favorite things in the whole wide world?

A bike for her and Roman. Fifty bucks.

At least bikes don't require a litter box.


Brooke said...

I think the bikes are a great trade. Lots of outdoor excercise without the mess and bad thoughts :-)

Leserlee said...

Hooray for no more cats! I am so not a cat person. Really, I'm not a pet person at all. Though we do have three Koi in a fish tank in our living room. But they are easy to take care of. Mostly all they need is food. And sometimes water and a clean filter. No biggie. And bikes are much better than cats. Much better.

Hillary said...

There are definitely days where I would love to get rid of our cat. Cambria is extremely attached to her, though, so it's just not possible. They are a huge pain, though. And you forgot to say "using furniture as a scratching post". Grr.

Lee and Melody said...

Bye cats!
I love that the bikes were the acceptable alternative. yay!

Cindy said...

does roman get his pet snake now that the cats won't eat it? :)

I like Westy said...

No, we are done with pets for a while. :)

doug & mary said...

You lasted longer than I would have!

Sharae said...

good for you, I am not a cat person either, I have a dog and he is work enough!