Thursday, October 15, 2009

cleaning glee

Confession: Sometimes my children's rooms get so messy that I daren't go inside. I just shut their doors and will the mess to go away. It doesn't always work so then I prepare for a battle that usually ensues about getting it clean. It's a lot of work.

The other day I was sitting in the living room minding my own business when Brooklyn approached me and enthusiastically encouraged me to go into my bedroom. I sensed a scheme into play but I played along anyway. Upon entering my boudoir I found my bed haphazardly all made up (by the way, I 99.9% of the time make my bed, I just happened to be doing something else that day) and a grinning little girl standing right beside it. Also, upon my pillow rested a little hand-drawn red heart.

Brooklyn then told me that in church that day (oh yeah, the thing I was doing that day was getting 5 1/2 people ready for church. Sometimes Weston needs help) she learned about serving and that her assignment was to do an act of service and leave the heart sign behind to let the receiver know that he/she had just been served with love. And the best part was that she actually enjoyed making my bed. She was actually excited about cleaning just to surprise me.

That got me thinking.

Today upon returning home from school I told Brooklyn to go look on her pillow. She appeared slightly confused until she discovered a little crayon heart paper resting there.

Surrounded by a wonderfully clean bedroom.

I think she liked it. I think I like the fact that her room became spotless without
-giving up

This could be fun.


Mark&Noelle Taylor said...

how fun Emma actully did the same thing to our bed with the heart and the story from primary now she does it all the time the only thing is most of the time we have cloths hanging over the foot board and when i come into a made bed I get a really messy floor.

Kodie Bear said...

That was a great story.

Bulbo Loamsdown said...

Poor Weston, still can't do up his own buttons eh?

sportyrls said...

That's so sweet and what a good idea! I like the little hearts <3 left behind after the good deed.

boo face mcjones said...

how cute! this is encouraging to know that primary kids occasionally listen to ideas like this in church!

hammers said...

That is so sweet!

Lee and Melody said...

That is very sweet. Sometimes I have the kids help me put toys away before bed, and sometimes it's just easier to ignore the piles (harder to do when you step on them) until the darling mess-makers have gone to sleep. It's a never-ending chore!

I love that idea. Maybe we'll have heart-shaped pancakes for dinner tonight, so they can know they were made with love. :)

The Huffmans said...

Awe, so sweet.

The Hegsted Family said...

Fabulous story! Great family home evening idea too. I think I'll talk to my kids about service next week, and leaving a heart behind. Brigette, you are such a great writer. I love the details. --Krissy