Friday, January 8, 2010

back to bread

I was reunited the other day with a long lost friend: my Kitchenaid dough hook. I like to make bread and I depend on it to get the texture just right.

Well, to make this post more interesting I'll throw in a twist. My boys also are quite fond of the hook--but not to make yummy butter rolls. It provides the final detail to make a fearsome pirate, arrgh matey. Well, after a few battles between bread and swashbuckler my dough hook vanished. Never to be seen again. I was quite saddened and so were our tummies as they, too, missed cinnamon rolls. This was several months ago.

For Christmas, my sweet husband surprised me with a replacement and then promptly said, "get to kneading!" (I'm just kidding, but I bet he thought it.)

So I made some rolls like I usually do and didn't think anything of it. Well, Roman happened to be playing with playdough that same day and when I came in the kitchen to check on him, much to my amazement were two sheet pans resting on the counter with neat little playdough-rolls placed on top. The rolls were identical to the ones I always make, cut and rolled exactly like mine. I asked Roman about it and he excitedly told me that he made the rolls just like I made them. I remembered how Roman always liked to help me when I was making bread, but I didn't think he was paying that much attention.

I was so flattered with his work that I forgave him for any foul play that he may have been involved with with my old hook. It just goes to show that you never know when the short people in your house are paying attention. So be careful what you say and how you roll your dough because they're always watching.