Thursday, July 29, 2010

dead meat

I don't do a lot of posts about my father probably because I'm so busy dealing with certain minors. But that is something I will have to remedy because, you see, I have a great father. And when I say great I don't mean great as in future president great, but something even better. He's great at all the important stuff. He's also great at keeping it real.

He owns a big company, but underneath he's a farmer through and through. He's also a get-her-done kind of guy.

For example, we have a big family reunion today. We've been planning this reunion for many months and everyone in the family is very well aware about it.

I called my mother to enquire about today's events and exasperated she told me that she hasn't even starting to get ready for the reunion. The one that starts today. I asked her what she was up to and she told me that she was cleaning her kitchen. And then she was going to sanitize it.

Okay, that's not really a thing I would do in preparation for a huge family reunion but whatever floats her boat.

Then she told me that the reason that she needed to do this was because my father woke up this morning and maybe to mark the occaision of the big reunion, or maybe not (who am I to say?) went to his farm, beheaded thirty-five chickens that he had been raising for meat, brought them home and announced to my mother that he and the boys were gonna clean 'em out right there on the counter.

My mother, having been married for 30 years to this man, eventually relented knowing that she didn't really have a choice as there was the issue of the chickens dripping blood on her floor. My father, having been married for 30 years to this woman, should have known that she may not have liked doing this a) at all, and b) on the day of her family's reunion.

But, hey. At least dinner's planned.


jerisesh said...

MEN!!! At least he is a great provider and memory maker.
WOMEN!!! He made it to the reunion too what was all the fuss about?

Thanks for sharing the story.

Bingham Family said...

Ewwwww! I think I would have made a lousy pioneer because I would MUCH rather just pick them up from the freezer section!
Funny story.

Jill said...

I have to agree you have WONDERFUL parents. Your dad is an amazing man. I've always admired him. Your mom is also pretty much as sweet as they come. She was SO great to help us out over nine years ago when I was teaching school and she helped us out with Tyler. You have an awesome family. Love your new pictures on the sidebar! Your kids are beautiful.

Brooke said...

You do have a great dad. I always think of him when I make animal pancakes for my kids. And I still cannot watch Arachnophobia (do you remember him throwing things at us during it? Yep, it warped me for life. Haha) He came to girl's camp when I was the director and he was awesome. Definitely a get-it-doner! If all dads loved their kids as much as he loves you guys, the world would be such a better place.

And, I love the chicken story. Even though it has been a while since I have seen your parents, I can see it in my mind. Your mom, lovingly exasperated. And your dad just smiling. Love it!