Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just in case you haven't had enough (of mice)

On Sunday, I was talking to my Dad about our mouse, er, problem (which, by the way, I feel that we are winning the rodent war at our house) and he told me a story about a man he once met in England while my Dad was serving a mission there. This man had been walking around his house at night one time and accidentally stepped on a pack-rat (I hate it when that happens!). For you vermin ignoramuses, pack rats are not small creatures. And he knew that if he took his foot off this rodent that it would bite and attack him.

Now, what would you do? Find a book? Get comfortable? Pray for wings? Make a mental note to call a realtor in the morning? Maybe.

Well, this unfortunate man did none of those things. He stomped the heck out of it with his other foot. (I pray this never happens to a one-footed person) And went back to bed. (Maybe he washed his feet first?) Aye, he's a brave Englisher.

So there you go. I probably wouldn't share this story at bedtime with the youngins', but you all did learn something today. You know, just in case this ever happens to you.

You're welcome.


jerisesh said...

Thanks, hopefully if I ever need that advice I will be able to recall it. Esp. since my memory is gone already!!!

Lee and Melody said...

We had a mouse problem for a while at our house too (living across the street from a gigantic field means that they come stay with us during inclement weather). So we set traps where the kids and dog wouldn't mess with them. The next morning Lee is checking the traps and he starts laughing. I came to see, and he shows me: there are TWO little mouse bottoms sticking out the back of one trap. In my mind I picture the older mouse, stealthily and gently licking away the peanut butter, and then the dumb younger mouse bumbles in, "Hey, whatcha doin-" *snap*
I'm not really that morbid, but I still think that was pretty funny.

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