Tuesday, May 31, 2011

butte-iful day

What’s more fun on Memorial Day than climbing an old volcanic butte?

How about carrying a 28 lb. toddler on your back, having it rain AND hail, and having your seven year old daughter literally thinking she was going to die and not caring if the whole valley knew about it.

But, hey, that’s what good family memories are made of.

The highlight? Seeing my sons excitement knowing they have walked in a real volcano.


Brock and Kristina said...

Holy cow. We lived a parallel life yesterday. You practically wrote about our experience. We went to Craters of the Moon.....luckily we entered a huge cave right when the hail storm hit. I just kept telling myself....we're creating memories!!!

Cindy said...

i think we had a few cross country meets thru that volcano crater. hail is bad enough when you're inside, but to get caught out in the open by it is crazy!