Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Child's Poses

Today I rediscovered yoga. I used to do yoga a lot when Brooklyn was a baby and I remember it being very stress-relieving as well as great exercise. So I set up my mat and prepared to begin, excited for a quiet and meditative workout. Brooklyn saw what I was doing and was interested in joining me right away. So I placed a little blanket on the floor for her mat and we started our downward facing dogs and sun salutations.

Now, I think yoga was really invented by a little kid to be able to make fun of adults. I say this because each time I was stretched to my capacity in a demanding pose, Brooklyn would do the same pose and with a triumphant look on her face say, "this is so easy!" I'm amazed at her flexibility. She is truly the master in this game and I am the struggling student.

It was when we attempted to stand on our heads that Roman's attention was caught. I think he was a little impressed that his mommy could stand on her head, and actually, I was a little impressed myself. I asked the children if they could do this particular pose--while upside down--and Roman immediately replied, "no, but I can do a donkey kick!" So, while I was supposed to be upside down on my head in a peaceful and serene state of mind the kids were giggling like crazy trying to do donkey kicks within inches of my face.

Next, came the child pose, which is in itself an oxymoron. I mean, have you ever actually seen a little kid resting on his bended legs with a serene look on his face for long moments at a time? As soon as I relaxed into child pose, it was as if I had given the little monkeys an obvious invitation to do a dog pile on their mommy. By this time, I had given up on my idea of a peaceful workout and resolved to try again another day.

So even though I didn't get an exactly quiet workout, it was still stress-relieving with all the laughter and giggles and I think I'll invite the squirts to join me for next week's session.


Leserlee said...

They do a good tree pose too. I do my yoga with the Wii. I prefer the tree pose and half moon myself. The half moon felt awesome yesterday. I've thought about taking a class, but I'm too chicken to do it by myself. It would be nice for the peace and serenity though. Not to mention being in better shape.

sportyrls said...

I love it! Little kiddos always make workouts more intense. They add more resistance when they're piling on you and more ab workouts while you're laughing at them. How fun!

Kodie Bear said...

Brooklyn looks like she could be a yoga instructor. She's doing the poses perfectly.

Dave, Gretchen, Cam, Abbie & Sadie said...

Funny!! It is sooo hard to try to be fit isn't it!! I whine to Dave everyday that I 'just want to work out!' Someday, Someday....I guess there is a time and a season to all things!!

Your kids are darling!!

The Turnarounds said...

You relly are on the ball, and so patient at that. Me exercising with the kids awake is not too successful either as I hoped for. :)

Cindy said...

yoga is hard work, and for them to make it look so easy is very unfair i think.

here's the link to the butterflies. the caterpillars don't come with the habitat, but it's only a couple bucks extra to order them. have fun!