Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been tagged to write seven interesting things about myself. I understand that "interesting" is based completely on one's perspective and so I guarantee nothing.

1) My biggest ambition in life when I was growing up was to be a brain surgeon. I collected everything anatomically correct and for Christmas when I was eight years old I even asked for--and received--a true-to-scale model of the female human body. You couldn't have found a happier girl.

2) I really enjoy brushing my teeth. I brush them about four times a day and when I'm finished I'll run my tongue over my top teeth. I just haven't gotten over the smooth feel of them ever since I had my braces taken off after five years of being a metal mouth.

3) I'm pretty much obsessed with gardening. But, I think everybody knows this, so I will move on.

4) I've also taken quite a fancy to geneology and family history. I have many pictures of Weston and my ancestors on our wall and am in the process of compiling as many stories about our families into a book.

5) I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I do battle a serious sweet tooth at times. Actually, I have a condition that triggers my fat cells to grow whenever I eat sugar in excess. This has caused me to buy several exercise videos.

6) I started writing a novel when I was in middle school. It was a love story set in the civil war era of the 1860's. I would literally write in class and then give manuscripts to my friends between classes to edit. (By the way, thanks for all your help, if any of you are reading this! If I ever publish for real then I'll be sure to dedicate something to you) I wrote about a hundred pages but for some reason I never finished it.

7) And finally, I recently found out that we are expecting our fourth child, which is great news. The bad news is that I don't know if I'll still be able to climb Mt. Borah this summer.

Thanks for reading! I tag:
-everyone who's name begins with a "C"
-all those secret "blogger stalkers"
-and anyone who has a pet.


sportyrls said...

Congratulations on the new baby! That is so exciting and I think your sweet tooth should have a little party for it : ).

The Huffmans said...

WOW!!! That is some exciting, interesting information about you my dear! Congratulations. I never knew you wanted to be a brain surgeon. But, I do know you are an amazing writer and I plan on purchasing your books in the future. Mt. Borah can wait. :) You have Mt. Huggies you can tackle for now!

Cindy said...

wow, you are gonna be one busy lady! congratulations

Cindy said...

it's funny the things we didn't know we remembered. i had a lot of memories from your tag post too. all the charts in your room of the different body parts, and i think i read some of your novel pages at one time. do you still have it somewhere?

Brooke said...

Congrats on the new baby! When are you due? I had forgotten that you wanted to be a brain surgeon. Do you still have that life-size brain replica that came apart? I was a bit scared of it as a kid :-)