Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bruised, But Not Beaten

The other day Weston was out tinkering around outside probably trying to decide how many possible ways he could clear the driveway from all of the snow when he suddenly came in with a pained expression on his face. Now, when I say pained, I mean his face was contorted to portray as much agony as humanly possible. Not only that, he was limping to one side and holding his back.

I looked at him, and asked him if something was the matter.

He told me that he had fallen down.

I stared at him trying to muster up as much sympathy as possible and told him I was sorry. Then I went back to reading my book.

I know as I write this that I sound extremely callused, and that may be true. But, that is probably true for two reasons: One, growing up (I know, it's the childhood syndrome) I was taught that if something bad happened, you just tough it up and move on. The second reason is that Weston has been known to milk any injury to the extreme to extract any amount of sympathy for him. So, I try. I really do. But, sometimes, I'm just not in the mood.

Well, anyway, the next day we were in our bedroom and he was changing his shirt. As he lifted his shirt up to remove it, there branding his back very boldly was one of the ugliest bruises I had ever seen. I gasped loudly and cried, "what happened?!"

He looked at me dumbly and then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Why didn't you say anything?" I stammered, trying desperately to still feel justified.

The dumb stare continued.

Feeling like the worst wife in the world, I stood up and gave him a hug. However, I did note the exaggerated wince that he made even though I only touched his shoulders.

I don't think we'll ever learn.


The Huffmans said...

You make me laugh soo hard!! At least you didn't laugh at him when he came in the door. I have such a sick sense of humor and tend to laugh at the most inappropriate times! Poor Weston, I hope he feels better soon.

Auntie M said...

I actually feel bad for both of you. OHHHHHH I hate the ice.
I get to see you this weekend. HAPPY DAY!

Leserlee said...

LOL. I would have laughed if Carl had come in and said he fell down. In fact, I slipped and landed on my butt on the driveway about a month ago and couldn't help but laught at myself (and cry at the same time), even though it hurt. Poor Weston.

Lee and Melody said...

Poor Weston. Stupid ice. Funny story.

I think it's a trait of the whole male gender, because even though Lee is the toughest guy around all it takes is a head cold to completely floor him for days. And yet when I'm pregnant and sick 6 times a day, I should still vacuum and fix dinner. *sigh* You're right, we won't ever learn. At least we still like each other. :)

Hillary said...

Derk acts the SAME way! So, when he was literally writhing on the floor in agony a few months ago, I didn't know how to react. I decided to err on the side of caution and took him in to the ER, and he ended up having kidney stones. But, I agree, you just never know -- they act the same when they have a simple cold as they do when they've broken their arm! :P

Jill Bowman said...

I'm so sorry, don't you hate feeling guilty...this happens to me with my kids, I'll think that it is nothing and then I'll find out that the screaming all night long was because they have an ear infection or something! Miss you...your kids are so seems like forever since we have seen you!