Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday I was busy in the living room when I heard a soft thump coming from the boy's room followed by an enthusiastic, "you're welcome!" A minute later, Greggory came walking out to meet me with a victorious grin on his face. Apparently, Roman had helped the little guy "escape" from naptime by tipping his playpen over--with Greggory still in it, of course.

Here's another example of Team Greggoman at work. Roman is kind enough to share his yogurt with Greggy over my brand new carpet.

I love my boys.


Hillary said...

That's so funny! I'll put Cambria down for a nap, and Asher will run upstairs and open her door to help her out. It's so frustrating but so sweet at the same time!

Just invest in a good carpet shampooer! lol.

Brooke said...

Gotta love the sibling teamwork! That is hilarious:-)

EBWalker said...

Hey guys!
I found your blog a long time ago and forgot to add it and now I just discovered it again. Your kids are so cute, it's crazy seeing all our old friends from Moscow and how much their families have already changed! We hope you are all doing well, its fun seeing what you are up to.
Maybe you can help me with something, I am not sure how to do your last name plural on our list. Right now is just says The Davis.

Lee and Melody said...

Brigette! I am SO glad you found me! Your kids are darling, I love how your boys are already getting to be partners in crime. I totally laughed at your yoga story- Wyatt likes to try the tree pose with me, and as soon as I'm anywhere near the ground he'll come sit on my tummy and expect a horsey ride. So fun. I need your e-mail so we can catch up! I'm at