Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Dentist Visit:

two nervous children,

one mom excited to see this milestone reached in her children's lives,

a LOT of persuasion to said children just to have the dentist look into each of their mouths and count their teeth,

two cavities spotted (uh-oh--too much candy for one little girl),

two earned toothbrushes,

and finally...

homemade chocolate cake at home to congratulate them on their victory.

(So maybe the cavities were a combined effort)


The Olson Family said...

Brigette - your kids are so stinkin cute! I think your little girl has so much Stallings in her! Good job doing the dentist visit! And hey, what would life be like without some chocolate cake and candy!

Leserlee said...

Just in case you don't see this on Facebook (I tried e-mailing you, but the address I have is wrong).

I talked to my friend with the chickens, and he recommends getting
more than one. He said that several times he's had just one chicken by itself, and they just aren't "right". He said it was hard to explain. But he does have several green egg layers (Easter Eggers) that he would be willing to part with that are already laying eggs. But if you wanted to start with a chick, he might have some of those too. Just let me know. Or you could send him a message on Facebook. His name is
Jared Hiatt, and he is one of my Facebook friends. He's on FB several times each day.