Thursday, March 19, 2009

Speak For Yourself!

Sometimes the children will say some pretty funny things, as all children do, and frequently I will record them down for future remembrance. But they're not the only ones worthy of their words being published as Weston (the adult) can be pretty amusing sometimes.

Yesterday, Weston and I were watching this makeover show and the girl that received the makover was pretty plain and a little overweight. When she was presented after being made over I said, "Wow! She looks so good she makes me want to gain fifteen pounds!"

Weston dryly responded, "But you've already gained fifteen pounds."

(Thanks, Dear, you're the best! He claims it's all due to my pregnancy, but we'll see.)

Then, last night, Roman started crying from his bedroom and woke me up. I had already gotten up with Greggory so I nudged Weston to go help Roman. He mumbled something and lay still. I nudged him again, and again, until finally he burst out,

"Roman's just mad because he found out who the new judge is!" and then promptly rolled over and started snoring away again.

I guess that's a lawyer for you.


Hillary said...

That's hysterical. Derk does similar things all the time. I should totally have a "quotable hubby" type of section on my blog.

Lee and Melody said...

That's too funny! At work we often record the silly things said by patients and other nurses- like last night the nurse told her patient to call out if she felt pressure like she needed to push. So the dad calmly comes out to the nurses desk a few minutes later and the nurse asked "Is your wife feeling pressure?"
He calmly says, "Not so much pressure as the baby sliding out."
...We all jumped up and ran!

Cindy said...

hehe. sleep talking is the best. i'll have to remember to write down the funny stuff i hear at odd times.

Brooke said...

That is funny, but in Weston's defense, I truly don't think people should be accountable for anything said during sleeping hours (I am the queen of sleep talking and I would hate to let Sean write down any of the quirky things I have said:-). By the way, congrats on the healthy baby. I can only imagine how excited Brooklyn is to have a little sister. Oh, and you are more than welcome to read my novel anytime. It would be great to have someone outside of family edit for me.

Bingham Family said...

Ha Ha... sleep talking is a riot! Your blog is sooo cute and your children are as darling as can be. Congrats on #4 on the way.


Bulbo Loamsdown said...

Darn judge!