Monday, July 6, 2009


Independence Day this year for me meant:

-hanging out with family from all over and loving every minute of it,

-watching Brooklyn and Roman hesitantly try the water slide for the first time and gaining confidence in their new skill,

-getting Famous Square Ice Cream and laughing hysterically watching Greggory lick the cone all by himself as his feet are getting soaked with icecream rain,

-and then being astonished that he can actually finish a Famous Square Ice Cream cone all by himself.

-hiking in the mountains and finding a lizard for Roman and Greggory to try and catch,

-watching my one year old pitch a baseball to my three year old and thinking, wow, he's actually pretty good,

-watching fireworks with my family and remembering that last year Roman was so scared of the fireworks and this year he can't get enough.

-and finally, realizing how independent my children are getting and thinking that is a little bit sad. In a good way.



It sounds like you had a great 4th of July. The pictures add so much! Brigette, you look GREAT for only having 32 more days to go before your baby is due.

We hope to see you at Grandma and Grandpa's 80th birthday celebration!

Gifford's said...

Hey how are you? Your kids are so cute! I love all the pictures. I'm excited to keep in touch now that I finally got a blog!

Jill said...

You look so good, I wish I looked that cute when I'm almost due! I can't wait to see the newest beautiful addition of yours. Did you see that I said that I use a Nikon D/40? I love it! Keep in touch!

Bingham Family said...

What fun! Good luck with baby!!!!!