Monday, June 22, 2009


On this Day After Father's Day, I just wanted share my witness to the world of how fortunate I am to be married to such a great father and husband. I have a few reasons; please let me share.

1. Every time I leave the house for a meeting, shopping, etc., I ALWAYS come home to a spotless house. Sorry, ladies, I just can't relate to the "slob husband." (Except, actually, come to think of it, I do have a neater nightstand than him. Sorry, darlin'.)

2. He is the biggest fan of my cooking out of anyone I know. That is saying a lot, considering when we were first married I made a loaf of french bread and then afterwards we used it as a football.

3. He is always telling me that I don't buy enough for myself. Fortunately for us, I am rather conservative in my spending. Except when it comes to cookbooks. And plants. And children's books. But that's all.

4. He is the most obedient person I know. That is one reason why I was so attracted to him in the first place. He takes rules, regulations and commandments very seriously.

5. He lets me do whatever I want with the yard and he is actually taking the time to learn what the plants are in our yard. That is like me trying to learn actual football player's names. Very commendable.

6. When he discovers Roman in the bathroom with pee all over the walls and face, (yes, face) does he freak out? No, well, maybe a little. But he solves the problem, asks Roman how in the heck did this happen? cleans him up, tells him to aim for the toilet next time, son! while at the same time marveling silently at the extraordinary feat of his three year old boy.

7. He encourages me to reach better and higher even when I don't think it's possible.
8. He's the best listener that I've ever talked to. That is probably what makes him so great at his job.
9. He is an english major, but he's not stuffy. He is even often addled with my vocabulary at times--how waggish!

10. And finally, he's just my best friend. What more can I say? Actually, I would go on but he never reads my blog. Too bad for him.

I love you, dear!


Bulbo Loamsdown said...

Nice to see he is treating you right! Pip pip brother dear!

Lee and Melody said...

Waggish. That's too funny! He is a good boy, and I'm glad he makes you happy.


Wow Bridget, I didn't realize you were that far along in your pregnancy! That's exciting!
(Laura Lee's due date is two weeks after yours).

Weston really is a wonderful man! What a nice tribute to him.

You two are an amazing couple! It's always nice to hear a wife compliment her husband (and vice versa) in such sweet tones!

doug & mary said...

This is such a cute post! I have to say, I love cookbooks too! We'll have to compare ours sometime.

Nana D said...

You two are a great match. We love you both.