Thursday, February 18, 2010

bathroom bombshell

In case any of you were wondering, fiber chocolate chip cookies, fortified with extra fiber, are probably not the best thing to let your children snack on all day. To clear any further confusion about this, read on.

Last week I had an evening class leaving Weston to care for the young-uns. When I returned home, I knew that by the look on Weston's face that he had an unusually rough night and that maybe he needed a hug.

He told me that Roman, after a sudden I-need-to-go-potty! announcement, ran to the bathroom like the dickens, but, apparently, the three feet from the bathroom door to the toilet was a bit too far. So, doing what was only natural to a young boy, he just dropped his pants and exploded on the floor.

After letting that sink in for a minute, Weston then told me that the bathroom has never been as clean as it was right now, thanks to him.

At that point I considered telling him about the fiber chocolate chip cookies I had made earlier that day and offering him one to make him feel better. But I recognized that it probably wasn't the best time for that.


jerisesh said...

ROCFL. Rolling on Clean floor laughing. Seriously...I think a few good bathroom, puke, etc. episodes are good for men. They appreciate you more. Oh by the way can I get the recipe...I think it is time for a colon cleanse.
Tell Weston I am glad he took it like a man.

sportyrls said...

lol! Poor little Roman, but at least you've got a nice clean bathroom now : ).

Bulbo Loamsdown said...

poor "woos"ton! LOL

Lee and Melody said...

Oh, that's funny in a sad-I've-been-there-too kind of way! We learned this the hard way with delicious Fiber One bars. Do not have more than one!