Thursday, February 25, 2010

on roman

I was pretty pleased with myself when I came across a hot sale on pullups the other day. Wanting to take advantage of the awesome prices I grabbed as many bags as I could and walked out smiling knowing how much money I had just saved.

Much to my shock, I discovered a few days later that I had accidentally grabbed five bags of "sleeping beauty" pullups instead of the intended "car" pullups.

I tried to convince Roman that wearing sleeping beauty was actually pretty manly but unfortunately he didn't buy it. I wonder if it was because Brooklyn was begging to have them, and she doesn't even wear pullups?

Well, at least Holland will get some use out of them. In two years. They don't go bad, do they?

Roman can't ever accuse us of not having enough toys to play with. Last night at dinner, after a bit of cracker landed on my shoulder, I looked up to find Roman using a stalk of celery as a makeshift blow-dart gun.

I was actually kinda proud.

In an effort to speed things along, I said, "Roman, run fast! Like a gazelle!" He promptly turned to me and stated matter-of-factly, "Mom, Ornithomimus are a lot faster than gazelles."

Well. Pardon my ignorance on species of dinosaurs.


Cindy said...

how do boys always know so much about dinosaurs? where do they learn all that stuff? must just be inherent knowledge.

jerisesh said...

smarty pants...can you exchange for boy pullups?

Bingham Family said...

Love the celery blow gun! Way to go kiddo! Rough stuff about the pullups though. In his defense, I don't blame him for not wanting to wear"girly" pants.

boo face mcjones said...

apparently "gender neutral" parenting is now in. so i guess you could just throw the girly pull-ups on him for the sake of being trendy? and i am also curious where boys learn so much about dinosaurs?

Patty said...

Great story hopefully you can exchange them for dinosaurs. I cannot believe how much your kids have grown. Take care. bye now.