Tuesday, March 9, 2010

no mumbo jumbo here

Brooklyn is just about the happiest girl on the planet right about now.

Finally! After lots of encouragement, Holland started saying, mamamama, much to my delight. But, this does not make Brooklyn happy. Spurred by a competitive nature (from whom I cannot say) Brooklyn set out to teach little Holland how to say Bo Bo (short for Brooklyn).

Well, after a few days of enduring a bombardment of 'Say Bo Bo! Say Bo Bo!! SAY BO BO!!!' only a few inches from her face, Holland finally conceded and uttered a cute little

"bo bo bo bo".

Hence, Brooklyn has been beaming ever since.

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boo face mcjones said...

goodness, i cannot believe how big holland is getting! thank goodness she is learning to give into her sister's demands. life should be much easier that way...