Monday, April 26, 2010


Last night we played a family game of charades. Holland went first. She was a baby. Easy guess. Then Greggory. As he hadn't really caught on to the point of the game, he was a little boy chasing his sister. Another pretty easy guess. Then Brooklyn. She started flapping her arms and running around the room.

Hmmm. "Butterfly?"




Then Roman suddenly announces, "You're a unicorn."


Okay. Roman's turn. He climbed onto our coffee table on all fours and then started tapping the table and making animal-like gestures.

"A dinosaur!"


"A woodpecker!"


"An elephant?"


He jumps off the table enthusiastically and exclaims, "I'm an aye-aye! It's an animal that hunts for food by tapping on the ground like a woodpecker!"

Oh, that. Maybe a different game, then?


hardlycreative said...

the fact that he even knew what that animal was makes me think that you are the best mother in the world by educating your children on animals that i have never heard i hear and honorary degree from harvard coming your way???!!!

Bingham Family said...

I love those games! The kids version is just way more fun. Nonsense and sillyness is what makes life interesting.

Leserlee said...

LOL! That is hilarious!