Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i'm glad i'm a mother

When Greggory tells me that frankly he doesn't need breakfast because he's already eaten. Half a tub of whip cream.

When I overhear Brooklyn teaching Roman that England is an ocean and Roman agreeing, saying, "Yeah! That's the place with all the Indians!"

When I am saying my morning prayers and Greggory kneels down beside me very reverently, then passes gas very loudly, and then just in case I hadn't heard it, proclaims, "I just farted!" while giggling wildly.

When Weston tells me that during a how to brush your teeth, children demonstration and some toothpaste...stuff... accidentally falls out of Weston's mouth onto the floor, Greggory, the opportunist, quickly scoops it up with a carrot he happens to be eating to use it for dip. Egh.

When I discover that both of my daughters happen to be growing their bottom two teeth at the same time.

Watching Holland crawl for the first time and watching her eat delicious cheese pizza for the first time--and loving it.

When it's nine o'clock at night and I go in to check on the boys who are supposedly asleep and I discover them playing hawk and jumping off the top bunkbed and diving for shoes that are posing for mice.

I'm glad I'm a mother.


jerisesh said...

Laughing esp. at the playing "hawk" game!!! Oh to be a kid again!

Bulbo Loamsdown said...

Lucky you! At least Weston doesn't spit ALL the tooth paste on the floor. And Gregory IS getting his fluoride. :)

Leserlee said...

LOL. Oh boy.