Sunday, February 13, 2011

greggory, part mr. hyde

Lately, whenever agitated or provoked or actually for no reason at all, Greggory has been retorting with a "Well, you're an idiant!" Meaning to say idiot, of course.

I keep telling him that we do not call people idiants. Well, it's not nice, for one. I also keep debating with myself on whether to enlighten him on his mispronunciation. I mean, what if when he's 17 and in a fit of anger calls someone an idiant to their face? Not very intimidating. Not that I want Greggory to be a bully, but he really should correctly pronounce any threats.

It reminds me of a story that my dad told me about a student of his when he taught high school. If I recall it correctly, my dad asked him a question in class, and when the student didn't know the answer he retorted, "What am I? D-U-M?"


I don't know if I will correct Greggory or not. But in the meantime, the word "idiant" will be put on our Words That We Do Not Say Because They Are Naughty List.


Lee and Melody said...

That is SO funny! Wyatt sticks a "d" on the end of many words (dinosaurd, squirreld, etc). One day I walked into the family room where Wyatt was exclaiming frustration at a mess Jana had made: "Oh my held!"
I about died.

jerisesh said...

All of the stories above are funny. Thanks for the laugh this morning ladies!