Wednesday, March 16, 2011

weston v. toilet

I was gone one evening. That alone calls for a minor catastrophe at the Davis household. Not that Weston isn't capable of holding down the fort--he is very qualified--he just seems to attract catastrophes sometimes.

Weston told me that he had sent the boys to brush their teeth. After hearing certain non-brushing noises such as hollering and crying, he went in to investigate. Roman accused Greggory of flushing his toothbrush down the toilet and Greggory readily agreed. He never explained his purpose for flushing it down the toilet. My own theory is that he just grew tired of looking at it day after day and figured it was time for a change. I mean, what really possesses little boys to do the things they do? So, grumbling, I'm sure, Weston went and grabbed his homemade Something's-Stuck-In-The-Toilet-Snatcher-Grabber made from a bent wire clothes hanger and fished in after it.

I had to ask, however. Did Roman get a new toothbrush? (You never know with husbands). He said, yes, he figured that having his toothbrush flushed beyond sight was grounds for a new one.

Well, that was good.


Lee and Melody said...

We like to get those Firefly toothbrushes that blink, they never go into the toilet (that's a lie, they just don't flush them down, they "clean" with them. Gag). Good thing they're only a dollar and a half for a 2-pack.

Bingham Family said...

Eewww! I am so glad he got a new one. My kids just "lose" theirs when they want a new one.