Tuesday, March 29, 2011

here's something

So, here's a thought:

Actually, that's the problem. I haven't had many lately. I blame it on the weather. I mean, it can't even make up its mind to decide if it's spring or winter. Unfortunately, right now it's leaning more towards winter. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on the weather, though. It must be hard being the weather. So much pressure--literally! Hahaha. Okay, that was bad--but great. Come'on, more great than bad.

Onto other non-news, here's an idea that you might like. For Family Home Evening the other week we decided it would be fun to draw names in our family for "secret service". Basically we do things for the person who's name we drew throughout the week in secrecy.

This week, Brooklyn drew Roman's name and he could not, for the life of him, figure out who wrote him the I love you note that was shoved under his bedroom door. All week long he studied the note, trying to figure out who the author was. He finally narrowed it down by reasoning that because the y in you looked like a number four, then the writer had to be the age of four. You can imagine his shock and surprise when he learned on Sunday that it was actually his sister of seven.

Overall, it's been a success. But just when I think my children are learning the value and purpose of service, Roman draws his secret name and immediately starts groaning, No! Not him!!

Poor Greggory.


Bingham Family said...

What fun! We did that around Valentines to show "extra love" to our secret person.
I'm hoping the weather will perk up too. I'm getting ichy to start gardening! (Do you start your own seeds?)

Jil said...

I love Roman! At least the "oh no, not him" was not about Weston!