Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hello, again.

I have officially ended my seven month hiatus.
A hiatus, you ask? Doing what? Two words: Home. Schooling. I am not doing this anymore. (More on this later. I am still recovering.)
I can now blog again. And clean the house. And read my scriptures. And water the plants. And take a walk if I want to. And shower. And several other things that were not so feasible when telling the children to write their vocabulary words ten times. Or concentrating on not only teaching my 2nd grader her addition facts (math? bleh!) but not pulling my hair out at the same time.

It’s so nice to see them get on the bus.

But it’s also nice to see them come home. I’m refreshed and welcoming with a warm smile and a hug.


Jil said...

My dad mentioned a few times this weekend how nice it was to have daughter-in-laws who blogged, so he could stay current with their family. Not only does he thoroughly enjoy your blog, but now since you've started blogging again he's hoping his daughters will too. Thanks. But I really am excited to see you back at it!

Susan said...

This made me laugh! I loved loved the honesty of it! That is what I would be saying exactly if I did home-school. I love my girls, and I love the schedule of school and time that I have to organize and do my own thing. When they come home we are so happy to see eachother again!