Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Brooklyn is participating in a Junior Master Gardening Program which allows her to grow her own vegetables and flowers in her own plot at the Extension Center grounds. At the end of the season, she can enter her harvest into the local and state fairs for a chance to win a blue ribbon.
Last week, while planting her geraniums, the newspaper came to interview the students and volunteers working there. I volunteer there as a Master Gardener and was excited to see the newspaper photographer take Brooklyn's picture. Brooklyn was so absorbed in her work, though, I don't think she even noticed them.

Most kids who sign up for the program are ages nine and up, so Brooklyn is the youngest by far. But her enthusiasm made up for her lack of experience. While wearing her very own gardening gloves she dug the holes for each of her plants--pumpkin, tomato, and a few flowers--planted them, and then watered them all by herself. After the transplants were in the ground, she moved onto seeds in the carrot, pea, and hollyhock varieties. When she was finished, she helped the other students by watering their plants for them.
I was a little surprised to see her work so hard in her garden, but then, even at five you can have pride in ownership. I have to say that I was very proud to be her mother.


Leserlee said...

That is so awesome. Good work girls!

The Huffmans said...

Just like her mom. That is so sweet!

The Woolstenhulme Family said...

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