Monday, June 15, 2009


Brooklyn has been officially awarded the "Most Bandaged" in our family as of late. On Saturday our little town held a parade and Brooklyn was able to ride on a float as a member of her dance company. The float was a flat-bed trailer behind a truck and there probably about 35 kids on it.

When Weston went to go pick her up at the destination pick-up spot, he watched in horror as some little kid behind her suddenly shoved her off the trailer. (We found out later that it was a complete accident and the little kid was crying because he felt so bad.) She flew off and landed on her face on the pavement. There were paramedics nearby and they were able check her out briefly before instructing Weston to get her to a hospital--quick. At the QuickCare, she received three stitches on her forehead to close a big gash, but luckily that was the extent of her injuries besides a few scrapes on her nose.

Well, if that wasn't bad enough, today while attending a birthday party for one of her friends, she apparently fell down on the driveway--skinning both of her knees. So we added two more bandaids for her knees to match the one on her forehead.

The only silver lining that she can see in this whole ordeal is the recuperation on the couch watching cartoons and eating her party candy.


The Huffmans said...

Poor Brooklyn! That's some bad luck. I hope she is able to recover quickly. Birdie, I must say, you have some of the most BEAUTIFUL children I have ever seen! I hope you are doing well.

Leserlee said...

Sounds like Abigail. She gets more scrapes and bruises than many boys. Just the other day she was running across the street to see her friend, and she totally biffed it. Scrapes on both knees and hands. I think it took five band-aids to get her bleeding spots covered. And those five band-aids didn't even cover all the scrapes.

Kodie Bear said...

Poor Brooklyn! Give her a big hug for me.

Cindy said...

yikes. that's a rough couple of days. hopefully the rest of the summer is band-aid free.

Auntie M said...

Ohhhh Tell Brooklyn I am so sorry she was hurt. Give her a big hug and a kiss from me.
Fortunately her smile is still there. I love that smile.